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signVOX is now shopVOX.

Pardon our dust as we rebrand signVOX to shopVOX. shopVOX is the evolution of signVOX in to the next generation platform which can handle any custom manufacturing industry.

shopVOX works great for the Sign Industry and provides that same great features as signVOX like Estimating, Job Boards and Online Proofing and much more.

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Production Control (PCS)

SignVOX’s system is an unique combinations of dashboards, job boards, online proofing, and notifications. These tools give you options from a having a birds eye view of the business with the dashboard to seeing production statuses of each and every job. Combination of automation and collaboration allow every job to be up to date and on time.

Dash Board

The PCS Dash Board gives you a birds eye view of production statuses and activity feed. Jobs that require attention are color coded to see what jobs require attention. The transaction feed shows you in chronological order what is going on with production. There you can see proofs being uploaded, comments being made, jobs changing states, customer getting created and more. All of these can be filtered for quick views.


Job Board

SignVOX’s job board is an extremely versatile tool for managing workflow within your sign business. The job board is interactive and can be displayed as a shop wide format, as a production view or as an install view. Also sort by header or filter based on the job status. Change due dates on the fly as well as statuses. Dictate how long it takes you to complete phases of production and let automated features help you keep the job board accurate and up to date.


Online Proofing

Online proofing has never been easier and more effective than with signVOX. Customers approve or comment on uploaded images which in turn will notify the designer and/or sales representatives. Use signVOX internal proofing system to let store managers or sales reps to verify that it is good to be sent to the customer. Version history helps to ensure that only the approved artwork is sent to production. See when you customers view the proofs and how many times they have. Easily resend proofs from your job board if needed. In addition, approvals or changes will automate the job board keeping it up to date on the current status from design through approved art.