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signVOX is now shopVOX.

Pardon our dust as we rebrand signVOX to shopVOX. shopVOX is the evolution of signVOX in to the next generation platform which can handle any custom manufacturing industry.

shopVOX works great for the Sign Industry and provides that same great features as signVOX like Estimating, Job Boards and Online Proofing and much more.

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Create a sales lead

Creating the lead is ideally the first place you would start entering information into signVOX. Here when a potential client calls they can be entered as a customer and then the conversation can be tracked from the very first phone call. Owners and sales managers can look at independent leads and assign them to the appropriate staff member and see how the job progresses. Create notes, tasks and a quote directly from the lead. Also track your won leads versus the lost leads. Follow up on the lost leads to see if your potential customer still needs a sign, was happy with the vendor they chose and if so let them know why they should have done business with you. Create the lead right in signVOX and stop the paper trail madness!

Duration: 5 minutes


Create the quote

Creating a quote in signVOX is easy to do and gives you plenty of control of what and how to price. After setting up your database of items based on your costs, your terminology, and your profits, simply pick and choose what should be included. Easily search by name or drill down and pick the product needed. Up sell the base sign price by adding options such as installs, design time, permits, accessories and other enhancements that determine the final price of the sign. Easily enter dimensions and quantity and set discounts based on size and quantity. All finished? Email the quote and attachments to your client right from the quote screen. Total control, speed and consistency with signVOX...the way pricing should be.

Duration: 8 minutes


Create the order

Orders are the beginning of the production process in signVOX. You can create an order from an estimate or an order directly for any given customer. As you create orders, set due date, install dates and if needed the time of day they need to be due. Choose who should proof the designs from your customer contacts, set shipping addresses, billing addresses and even include notes about shipping times, tracking codes and other important information about the order. Attache all job files right to the job so that they are all in once place. Customer artwork, site survey photos, measurements and other important job assets. Reduce paper trails with an electronic work orders or if you want print them out for production personnel. The choice is yours. Let signVOX help you stay on top of everything with its on-screen notifications and email alerts about job progress, responsibilities and due dates. Staying on top of your jobs has never been easier.

Duration: 10 minutes


Start production

Managing production typically starts with the proof. After you've associated all of the files needed to produce the job move the job to the design status. SignVOX will notify the designated that the job is ready to be designed. The designer uses the information and files to design the proof and upload the proof to signVOX. Choose to either send the proof directly to the customer or get a second set of eyes on the proof by alerting the sales rep that the proof is ready. Customers approve and add comments to their proofs online. When they do it will automatically move the job into production or alert the designer of changes. See when clients view their proofs and how many times they have seen it so you can anticipate approvals. Spend less time in the proofing process with signVOX.

Duration: 5 minutes


Finish production and get paid.

Continue managing production with an interactive job board. Get even more control with interactive production boards and install boards. Get notifications as jobs go through different phases of production as well as when you are responsible for a particular phase. See approved art and completed phases with a click of a button. Split the board into a summary so you can easily see the jobs that are currently in design, production and install. All finished? Invoice the order with a click of a button, enter payments and email the paid or open invoice, thank you cards and pictures of the installed sign all with just a few clicks. Need to reorder that same sign? Click reorder and everything is right back into production. Let signVOX make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Duration: 10 minutes


Know your business

SignVOX gives you the tools and resources to know exactly what is going on within your business. Using the sales dashboard, quickly see your sales versus your sales goals, employee activities and efforts, top 10 customers, product mix and outstanding balances. Easily see store and employee statistics for areas such as total transactions (quotes, orders, invoices), averages, sales volume and much more for canned or custom date ranges. Pull reports of all kinds from our canned report list or create your own with the customer report writer. Want to manipulate the data yourself? Simply export the data as a .csv file to be used locally or imported into third party applications. Sync with Quickbooks and MYOB. Manage your sign business better with signVOX.

Duration: 8 minutes


Vehicle Wrap tool

SignVOX's vehicle wrap add-on is a patent pending application that easily allows you to price your vehicle wrap and vehicle lettering jobs quickly & easily. Simply choose your vehicle make, year & model, then measure the areas to be covered, then profit based on your materials & markup. Long gone are the days searching disks, catalogs and having to bother your designer to get you square area totals. It is all done within signVOX. Need templates? With this vehicle wrap add-on you can choose from a library of vendors to have your signVOX account linked to a library of vector vehicle templates. Use the scaled files to not only measure on but when you get the job download the file right from signVOX. Already have templates? Upload them to signVOX so that you can use them to price with as well. Or create your own templates from photos taken of your customer's vehicles. That next job will never be easier to price regardless if its the same or different graphic coverage.

Duration: 3 minutes


Customer Feedback

The customer feedback feature in signVOX is one of the most powerful add-ons available to date. This feature gives you total control over the questions you want your customers to answer. Simply add your questions and email the request right from your closed invoice. Your client will get an email that takes them online to either provide star ratings, answers to your questions or both. This quick and easy process provides invaluable information that not only helps you improve your customers' experience but quite often makes you feel like you should toot your own horn from time to time.

Duration: 3 minutes